Some Basic Consideration

20-Sept-15 James 3:13-18 When I first looked at this passage, the first thing that occurred to me was that it might be a waste of time to preach a sermon on it. And that’s because none of us, myself included, have any of the spiritual defects that James writes about in this handful of verses. […]


A Closer Look

06-Sep-15 Psalm 23 by Jeff Morse I have had the idea for a long time that some passages of Scripture that are often used and even may be memorized by some of us could use a closer look. We tend to do most things in too much of a hurry these days and reading the […]


The Third Greatest Commandment

30-Aug-15 Mark 6:45-52 He intended to pass them by. In the Gospel of Mark, this is the second time that the disciples have been in trouble in a boat. And quite frankly, that’s somewhat ironic. The disciples are fishermen by trade; they are experts in boatsmanship. They’ve got skills and experience that should keep them […]