A House For The Lord

22-Nov-15 Psalm 132 Have you ever been so absolutely committed to some cause, worthy or otherwise, that you spent nearly every waking moment thinking about it? Did that cause, even from time to time, enter into the life of your dreams, because you were so consumed by it? This can happen from time to time […]

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Stirred Up Minds, But Settled Hearts

15-Nov-15 Mark 13:1-8 The temple in Jerusalem was so beautiful that it was beyond description. It is impossible for us to even begin to imagine how beautiful it was. There are written descriptions of its beauty, but even these fail to adequately convey the awesome and stunning vision that the temple presented to all who […]


Well Aged Wine, Strained Clear

01-Nov-15 Isaiah 25:6-9 When I was a wee little lad I suffered a recurring nightmare which I have never forgotten. In this terrible dream, all is darkness. Darkness is everywhere. There is no light and there is nothing to see around me, at least nothing that I recognize. At some point in the dream, a […]