God Meant It For Good

19-Feb-17 Matthew 25:45-26:13 In the story of Joseph in the Old Testament, there is a line that has always fascinated me. Joseph has been sold into slavery by his jealous brothers. They really intended to kill him. It was that important to them to get rid of him, and to get him out of their […]

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The Power of Salt and Light

05-Feb-17 Matthew 5:13-16 I’ll bet we all know someone who is the salt of the earth. I meet these sorts of folk all the time. Its just that usually they’re already dead by the time I make their acquaintance. Perhaps you have to be dead before you can truly become the salt of the earth. […]


From Shittim to Gilgal

29-Jan-17 Micah 6:1-8 It is a lot like being neglected by one’s lover, and wondering why. The lover has grown cold, standoffish, spurning one’s affections and advances. And it seems as though there is no reason at all for this cold, and unresponsive behavior. And then, the discovery, the awful discovery, that the lover has […]