The Last Couple Of Sentences

25-June-17 Matthew 10:40-42 “That, too, must always be our prayer. For there are things that lurk within us that ought not be there.” Stunning words, huh? Don’t they just make you want to run into your closet, beat your breast and repent? Not likely. Those words are sort of meaningless. There’s no setting, there’s no […]


The Reluctant Prophet

18-Jun-17 Jeremiah 20:7-13 Jeremiah is sometimes called the “weeping prophet”, sometimes called the “naked prophet”, but always the “reluctant prophet.” Jeremiah did not like his job at all. In fact, he resented it. His task as prophet brought all kinds of grief to him. Not long before he wrote the poem that is our passage […]


Peace In Mystery

11-Jun-17 Psalm 131 Sometimes, life just falls apart, all of a sudden. Nothing seems to be right, all is messed up, and things are going to pieces faster than we can collect them up. During the past few weeks, I’ve been in the presence of lots of people whose lives have suddenly come undone. Such […]