Gratitude Attitude

26-Nov-17 Matthew 25:31-46 Have you ever noticed that it is easier to grumpy about something than it is to be grateful? I have, and I’ve noticed it in me. We had a beautiful, warm October. And then we had those four or five days of no electricity. My attitude changed. I went from celebration of […]


Scary Words to the Preacher

05-Nov-17 Micah 3:5-12 I probably should have titled this sermon, “Nothing for the mouth, nothing from the mouth.” But earlier in the week, when I first began working with this passage, I was so terrified by the words that I was reading, that I titled it “Scary Words to the Preacher.” Just the same though, […]


Old Commands For A Broken World

29-Oct-17 Leviticus 19:1-18 We’re looking this morning at some pretty old stuff. This is stuff that was delivered by God, through the prophet Moses, to the people of God while they were all still wandering around in the wilderness. In my mind, the wilderness is a wonderful place, although I am quite sure that those […]