Some Said It Thundered

18-Mar-18 John 12:27-36a The earthly ministry of Jesus is nearly over. It won’t be long now, before the most loving person who ever lived and walked on this earth will be arrested and put to death as a common criminal. For three years now, Jesus has preached good news and hope. He’s cured the sick, […]


The Dead Have Been Raised!

11-Mar-18 Ephesians 2:1-10 Oftentimes, in the Scriptures, the normal definitions of being dead and being alive don’t really apply. And this can be confusing because most of us, being the practical sorts that we are, tend to believe that we know the difference between being dead and being alive. Being alive, for instance, generally implies […]


…Shall Be Cut Off

04-Mar-18 Genesis 17:1-16 Often, when people have a profound encounter with God, they become undone. They go down for the count, passed out on the ground, without any strength to help themselves. And quite frankly, I don’t think that becoming completely undone in God’s presence is an option. It’s not something over which we have […]


Fresh Off The Boat In A New Land

18-Feb-18 Genesis 9:8-17 I almost began this sermon this morning by saying that everyone knows the story of Noah and the ark. That unfortunately, however, would have been a lie. Just this week I was reading about a recent survey that revealed that twelve percent of our friends and neighbors are quite confident that Joan […]