The Lord, Whom We Seek?

09-Dec-18 Malachi 3:1-4 It sounds like wonderfully good news. The Lord, whom we seek, will suddenly come to his temple. What a wonderful dream! How wonderful it would be if the Lord came suddenly to his temple. How excited we would be! This is what we have long been hoping for. This is the day […]


Convulsive Indications

02-Dec-18 Luke 21:25-36  I like to think that my redemption is drawing near. I like to think that I will personally witness the return of Jesus Christ to this earth. There are times when I am so finished with this old world, that my prayer is, “Come and get us, Jesus, I’m done with this […]


A House For The Lord

25-Nov-18 Psalm 132  Have you ever been so absolutely committed to some cause, worthy, or not so worthy, that you spent nearly every waking moment thinking about it? Did that cause, from time to time, enter even into the life of your dreams because you were so consumed by it? This can happen from time […]