Working With God to Bring Life

25-Oct-20 Ezekiel 37:1-14 At least he’s honest. Ezekiel doesn’t know if the bones can live or not. What do we think? But he’s not taking any chances, either. He’s not about to admit, that in his mind, if there was ever anything that spoke “dead”, it was bones, and dry bones at that. Ezekiel, the […]


Ah, the Poor: What To Do?

11-Oct-20 Matthew 26:1-16 The disciples were on to it. That alabaster jar of very costly ointment could have been sold, and the money could have been used to help alleviate the struggle of some poor person’s life. As Jesus reminds us, poverty is ever before us. There is no escaping it. Followers of Jesus have […]


The Surpassing Value

27-Sep-20 Philippians 3:1-14 Every once in a while, I wonder if one day God looked down from heaven at the man who would eventually become the Apostle Paul and said, that guy has got to become one of ours. We can use him. I wonder that, because sometimes I do the same thing. Well, I […]