Narrow Escape

20-Feb-22 Luke 4:16-30 The sermon was fine. It truly was. It was a wonderful beginning. But after the sermon, things went awry. The beginning might very well have been the end. What started out as gracious appreciation has become murderous intent. Jesus has returned to the synagogue in his hometown of Nazareth. It was Jesus’ […]



13-Feb-22 Exodus 34:29-35 Sometimes when God is dealing with human beings, it takes a couple or more times to get it right. We sort of know this from our own lives. Oftentimes when God is trying to get our attention, we ignore at least the first attempt, and some of us have gotten so good […]


Building a Body From Its Parts

06-Feb-22 1Corinthians 12:12-26 For the most part, I am pretty glad that I am alive. When I was writing this sermon, that was the first sentence that I wrote down at the top of the page. And I looked at it, and I said to myself, “That can’t be right, but even if it isn’t, […]