Not His Friends

24-Jul-22 Galatians 6:1-10 There is no question that the Apostle Paul had a somewhat touchy relationship with the followers of Jesus in the Province of Galatia. At one point in this epistle he calls this readers “fools”. I am sure that that did not endear them to him, but the apostle is well known for […]


The Baddest of the Bad

17-Jul-22 1 Kings 21 Jezebel and her husband, Ahab are probably the baddest of the bad in all of the Bible. The two of them are so self absorbed, and so self centered and so hateful of everyone around them that evil just pours out of them like sewer from a broken sewer main. Nothing […]


Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way

10-Jul-22 John 14:25-31 There’s some powerful teaching in this passage, straight from the lips of Jesus, and as timely as ever for those of us who live in this troubled world of fear and confusion and distress. But it is the final words that Jesus speaks in this passage that truly empowers my spirit. It […]


Earthquake, Wind and Fire

26-Jun-22 1 Kings 19:1-14 I was pondering five dollar a gallon gas the other day. Part of my pondering involved feeling sorry for myself, mostly, but also kind of self-righteously feeling sorry for others, less fortunate than me. And then my ponderings evolved into whom I might blame for this horrible situation, and at whom […]